Here at Weber Design, we do things a little differently than your traditional web design companies. It’s our aim to stay updated with current trends and ensure we provide the best service possible for all our clients.

Today, we want to talk to you about our design methodology. Specifically; how is it changing the game? We believe that the way we do things is revolutionary and will soon be picked up by other companies all throughout the country.

To put it simply, we focus on growth driven design rather than the traditional approach to web design. With this approach, we provide a much quicker launch site and make regular updates at monthly intervals based on web analytics, user analysis, and data.

There’s no denying that growth driven design is changing the way we do business. It offers an alternative to the traditional way of designing websites, and we feel it brings so many benefits to our clients. To illustrate this, here are some of the main things we consider with our growth driven design approach, and how they change things for the better:

We Focus On Data

The core concept of our growth driven design approach is to focus on data. We start by creating a launch pad site for you, which will be up and running in around a month’s time. The main purpose of this is to allow us to collect data via the site while it’s running and users are visiting it.

Our team looks at everything that happens on this launch website. We take into account traffic figures, how people are finding your site, bounce rates, conversion rates, audience demographics, and so much more.

By focusing on data, we use it to help make continuous improvements to your website. We add or edit certain features to help optimize it as effectively as possible. If we notice lots of your traffic are finding your site via Google through a particular keyword, we alter things to make that keyword the top priority.

Our improvements happen monthly as we collect the data and review it all the time. Unlike with a traditional approach, this enables you to update your website regularly, and keep it fully optimized at all times.

We Emphasize User Personas

A big part of our design methodology centers around the people we’re creating a website for. Naturally, if you’re a client of ours, we’re making the site for you and your business. But, who is the site really intended to appeal to? Your customers, of course.

Our approach is simple, we look at user personas to really understand who this site is for. What type of people are likely to visit it, and how can we design the site to appeal to them? Growth driven design really looks at user stories and the changing personas of your audience. Again, a lot of this comes through collecting data about your users. We look at where they come from, what they’re doing when they’re on the site, and what their other online interests are.

By doing this, we make our regular changes to ensure your site is built for the desired user personas. When you use traditional web design methods, you may find your site is designed for a specific audience persona right in the beginning. But, attitudes and personas can change within users, meaning your site may end up catering for the wrong one after a few months to a year.

We Provide Value

With our growth driven design methodology, we provide value in two different ways. Firstly, by taking into account data, analysis, and user personas, we create a website that provides value to your customers. They get everything they need from your content, and your site is made to be valuable to them.

Secondly, we provide our clients with value for money. Our design methodology is far more cost-effective than the traditional one.

Normally, you pay for a web design service all in one go. With our methodology, we ask for smaller installments every month, as we make continuous changes. Not only is this more affordable, it provides better value as you know you’re getting a site that’s designed based on data and user experiences. We do things based on facts, we don’t guess how people will perceive your site – which is essentially how the traditional method goes.

We believe our design methodology is changing the game as it allows us to be more flexible with web design. We can continuously work on our client’s sites to ensure they get the most out of them and have a website designed to generate traffic, increase leads, and retain customers. Contact us today for your free consultation and let’s take your business to new heights.