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Every day, millions of potential customers scroll through the newsfeed on their favorite social network. The audience is massive, and the targeting abilities are a marketer’s dream.

$51.3 Billion

$51.3 million dollars. The amount of annual social media revenue in 2018

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When you place a radio or TV ad, you’re paying a lot of money HOPING it will reach the right audience.

With social networks like Facebook and Twitter, we can target ideal clients, build a custom audience and remarket to them over and over again.

At [feldman+weber] we pick the right social media platform(s) and put your message in the right place at the right time. We design engaging creative and captivating content that draws customers into your offer and leaves them no choice but to act and engage with your brand.

Want to tap into the 2.2 billion Facebook users to sell your products?

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