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Pretty much all marketing used to be interruption marketing. Radio ads, TV ads, Magazine ads. Think about it, they all interrupt what you’re trying to do. And still today, many of the advertising mediums are interruption marketing.

However, now that we have such robust and powerful search engines, we can flip the entire system on its head and have customers search out and find us instead of us finding them. It’s called inbound marketing.

Interruption marketing still works very well, but it no longer monopolizes the market. At least not for savvy marketers. With inbound marketing, we create information and carefully planned content that draws customers into your service offering on their own accord. No salesman. No special sales.

It all starts with understanding your customer, what their pain points are, and then showing them how your business can solve their problem. Once they are attracted to your content, we can carefully nudge them down the funnel to conversion.

Companies that implement inbound marketing strategies are seeing significant increases in web traffic!

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