Websites are the most essential part of every business’s online marketing strategy. If you wish to see online success, you need to get the most out of your site. This all starts with your website design and how you build it.

These days, there are many ways you can build a website, but some are more effective than others. Today, we’re looking at one of the fastest growing trends out there; growth-driven design. This is the idea that you build a website while focusing on data and audience-analysis rather than just guessing and building it without consulting data.

What we want to look at today are the reasons why you should invest in growth driven design over traditional web design. What benefits will you see? All will be revealed in the points below:

#1 Allows For Adaptation To Audiences

When you build your website for the first time, you may cater to a particular audience. However, as your company grows and your brand changes, so will your audience. In a few months or years, you may have a different type of audience visiting your site. If you stick with your traditional web design, your site may still be geared towards that old audience, and won’t cater for the new one.

However, with growth driven web design, you can look at audience analysis and see how their behavior changes and adapt your site to their needs with ease. This allows you to stay relevant with your changing audience and ensure your site is setup to always get the most out of them.

#2 More Cost Effective

With traditional website design, you tend to pay for everything right there and then. A web design agency will quote a fee, and you pay them to redesign your site, and that’s that. This can take a huge chunk out of your budget and put increased pressure on your business finances.

But, with growth driven design, you can spread the costs over a few months. The whole idea with growth-driven design is that it works on a month-to-month basis as all your site stats are analyzed. So, instead of paying for the whole design all in one go, you pay smaller amounts over a longer period. This limits how much cash you have to part with right away, and makes it more manageable for your business.

#3 Keeps Your Site Updated And Relevant

You’ll be surprised to know just how much can change in the web design world within a couple of months. There are constantly new trends that become relevant, and your website needs to adhere to them. The problem with traditional website design is that it’s hard to keep up with current trends as your site isn’t redesigned and tweaked all the time.

On the other hand, growth-driven design will alter and tweak your site each month to help it adjust to any trends out there. This guarantees it stays fresh and up to date with all the web design trends, making your site more appealing to the masses.

#4 Safer Than Traditional Website Design

The beauty of growth-driven design is that – as already mentioned – you can constantly make changes on a monthly basis. In the beginning, you will have a very basic site designed as part of your launch. Then, through collecting data each month, changes will be made accordingly to ensure you get the most from your site as possible.

This makes it much safer than traditional web design as you remove any guesswork from the equation. There’s less risk as you know you’re paying every month for changes that are carefully picked as the data shows they’ll improve your site. We can tell what neeeds to be altered as things progress to provide a better user experience.

#5 Quicker Website Launch

Traditionally, it can take months for your site to be designed or redesigned. Consequently, you have a lot of waiting around without a fully functional site. This means you potentially miss out on weeks and weeks of benefits that your website will bring your business.

One of the key benefits of growth driven design is that it doesn’t take long to get you up and running. Your launch site can be created in a fraction of the time, meaning you don’t waste a lot of time sitting around doing nothing.

#6 Less Weight On Your Shoulders

As the owner of a business, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of your time thinking about the design of your website. You and your team have other concerns that might seem more important to you, and demand more of your time and effort.

When you invest in growth driven design, you take a huge weight off your shoulders. Your website is now a concern for the design team handling it. They’ll be the ones tracking analytics and making updates every month, leaving you with more time to do what you do best, and waste less energy on your website.

#7 Increase Conversion Rate

The whole premise of growth driven design is based on improving your website with relation to the audience. If you’re constantly changing things thanks to data and audience analytics, you will have a site that puts user experience as the number one priority.

As a result, you can increase conversion rates by ensuring your site is specifically designed to keep users on it for as long as possible. This is all done by analyzing their behavior and looking at what elements are most likely to encourage a conversion.

#8 Improve Customer Retention

It’s a well-known fact that website’s with a great user experience are more likely to increase brand loyalty in customers. If someone enjoys the way a website is set up and they love navigating it with ease, they’re more likely to return to it in the future.

With that being said, growth driven design can help your business improve customer retention by placing emphasis on user experience. As mentioned before, there is a constant analysis of data, and constant testing to ensure your site is always providing the best user experience. This breeds brand loyalty, which leads to retention.

#9 It’s Built For The Future

One of the simplest reasons you should invest in growth driven design is that it’s built for the future. Traditional web design is just that; traditional. It’s a concept that’s based on old ideas and won’t help you see success in the years to come.

Growth-driven design is the opposite, it’s an idea that always has the future in mind. By analyzing the way your website performs and looking at key audience data, you will constantly be moving forwards. Your site will never become stagnant and lost in the past, it will be built for what’s to come.

#10 Allows Your Business To Learn More About Its Customers

We’ve spoken about how growth driven design can help you adapt your site to your customer’s needs, but it also helps you learn more about them. If you keep tracking user data, you’ll soon see patterns in customer behavior.

Why is this important? Well, it lets you learn more about your customers which provides your business with so much priceless information. You may notice patterns which help influence business decisions such as releasing new products that you know will be popular as most of your customers are buying similar ones already. You could also see that a lot of your traffic comes via social media which tells you your business should really focus on its social media game and perhaps hire more staff to manage things in that space. Growth driven design provides you with all the information you need to get the most out of your customers.

#11 The Results Are Measurable

Another huge benefit of growth-driven design is that you have clarity in your results because everything is measured. If certain things are changed one month, you will see measurable results in the next month.

There’s no guesswork here, it’s easy to see what things are working and what isn’t. So, if it transpires that a little change doesn’t actually improve traffic numbers, conversions, or interactions, then you can change it back to how it was and look at a different change instead. The bottom line is, you will always see results and be able to measure them, which isn’t always the case with traditional design.

#12 Gain An Advantage Over Your Competitors

Finally, you should invest in growth driven design purely because it will give you an advantage over your competitors. It’s likely that most of your rivals are unaware of all the benefits this type of web design brings. As such, they’ll be using traditional web design instead.

This gives you a chance to go one step ahead of everyone else and design your site based on data analysis which will make it better and more effective than traditional sites. You will dominate the online marketplace, and your rivals will have to play catch up.

In conclusion, growth-driven design is a really effective way of building a website via data rather than ‘guessing.’ As you can see, there are many reasons you should start investing in it now and into 2018. Stop living in the past, and start building your business for the future.